About Us

Latin Muslim Association aims to create awareness about the small but growing Muslim community in Latin America. By supporting the various centers and communities in Latin America, holding lectures regarding the new forming communities and providing funding for education and poverty alleviation.

Our Mission

Support those from a latin background joining the faith of Islam integrate their cultures smoothly
Support Islamic centres and mosques in Latin America
Bridging the Muslim and non-Muslim communities
Promote the faith of Islam to further community cohesion
Help communities abroad by assisting in fundraising

Our Objectives

This charity aims to create awareness about the small but growing Muslim community in Colombia as well as other countries in South America, through the efforts of a small group of volunteers.

Aims and objectives
• To support the reverts to the faith of Islam in Colombia and other Latin American regions by spreading Islam.
• To build an Islamic centre and mosque for the community in Pereira, by purchasing nearby plots of land to build Islamic centres and mosques with educational facilities and resources. And expanding to other areas throughout Latin America.
• To create positive links between Muslims and non Muslims communities, government establishments and educational and media institutes thus creating a greater understanding and awareness of Islam.

How We Began

We are a group of Muslims from around the world working together to support brothers and sisters throughout Colombian and other Latin American regions in spreading the message of Islam. We aim to highlight and create awareness of the positive and excellent work is being done within the Latin community and to create a network of support for them.

We are from a variety of professional backgrounds but are united in our aim to support the Latin Community in learning about Islam based on authentic sources from the Quran and the Sunna. It’s not our race, colour or culture that makes any one of us better than the other, but the degree to which we recognise our creator and adhere to his commands.