Spreading the Deen that little bit further

Brother Dawud


Year 2000

Bro Dawud Abdul Ghafur Herrera – From Pereira (South America)  embraced Islam in the year 2000. He started his dawa work here in England by spreading the message of Islam to the Latin community.

Year 2005

During the year 2005 he went back to his home town to continue his dawa work of delivering the message of Islam to his home town people. Alhamdulillah at least 200 people in his home town embraced Islam including the whole of his family. Reverts coming to Islam in Colombia are rapidly growing.

Year 2009

March – From Salsa to Jalsa event held at Regent’s Park Mosque.

April – Brother Dawud was taken ill with Malaria.

August – Brother Dawud pulled through his illness and started gradually improving.

His brother Mustafa set himself off to join brother Abdullah from Meligin to varies cities throughout Colombia in the setup of dawa tables – cities include Pereira, Barranquilla, Manizales and Medellin – from there came Support  from the Egyptian organisation called “Sims” which supported in the distribution of books, leaflets etc.

November – Salsa to Jalsa 2 event held at the London Muslim Centre, East London Mosque

Year 2010

· There were two trips organised to Panama by brother dawud and brother Ahmad from Panama.

February (10 days) by only visiting a small village over 130 people embraced Islam.
March (3 weeks)  Visits to the main cities in Panama – setting up dawa tables on the streets, shopping malls and various areas – at least 30 people embraced Islam out of this.

· During this period many new Muslims throughout Pereira have visited brother dawud’s house and at many occasions jumma has been held there with his family.

· There have been follow ups of the new muslims by visiting them in their local areas, providing them educational and financial support.

· At present we aim to raise money for a dawa Mobil for the community in order to visit new Muslims, get the communities together in helping one another.

· We are looking into finding a suitable sheikh for the community in Pereira to educate and assist the new Muslims in educating them and supporting them.

· April 15th

Islamic Society (ISOC).

Al Baqarah 2: 274

Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in

secret and in public, have their reward with their lord. On them shall be

no fear, nor shall they grieve.